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and other contributions to The Glad Rag 1985-1991

Peter Farrer came across The Glad Rag (the Journal of The Transvestite/Transsexual Support Group) in 1985 and wrote to the editor, Christine-Jane Wilson and the co-ordinator of the Group, Yvonne Sinclair. He supplied copies of letters for inclusion in The Glad Rag and contributed articles. All such letters are included in his publications, Borrowed Plumes and Confidential Correspondence on Cross-Dressing1911-1915.

A number of articles and contributions remained, however, which had not been incorporated in any further publication. As most of these are of general interest, and worth preserving, he has now, with the help of Christine-Jane, collected all his remaining contributions into a single volume.

It begins with his first contribution of all, about boy-bridesmaids. Next is his review of ClothesLines, which gave him the idea for his article, "My First Party Frock". Then more reminiscences with "The School Play", and a comment on that. Then his comments on "Nicola's Project". There follow pieces in chronological order about individuals who have or may have cross-dressed, plus some miscellaneous extracts from the press. His last contribution was a comment on Christine-Jane's spirited reply to a denunciation of cross-dressing based on Deut. 22,5. Christine-Jane's reply is included as well as her other editorial comments throughout the series of articles. Illustrated throughout. 

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