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KARN Publications Garston
Tight Lacing Cross Dressing between the Wars. 

Selections from London Life 1923-1933

This is a truly exquisite book on patterns of cross dressing from the nineteen twenties and thirties. As always with Peter Farrer's books, it has been meticulously researched and superbly crafted. The result is an outstanding and definitive work which is also an excellent and wonderfully enjoyable read.

The book draws mainly upon letters, articles and stories published in London Life, a magazine which changed character in October 1941, and has obtained cult status for its earlier issues among devotees of cross dressing and other fads. Topics include masqueraders past and present, female impersonation, corsets for men, men's dress reform, the coming dominance of women, male maids, the discipline of girls' clothes for the unruly male and even the first "Sex-Change".

Together with some illustrations from L.L. itself, there are photographs of exceptionally attractive ladies who are in fact actors of the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club.

Begining with a comprehensive introduction and continuing with illuminating notes this book opens an exciting and enthralling Pandora's Box on cross dressing between the wars. Once again Peter Farrer has given us a historic glimpse of an enduring and for many, an enjoyable, genre.


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