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KARN Publications Garston
Cross Dressing between the Wars (1934 -1941)
Cross Dressing between the Wars. 

Selections from London Life 1934-1941

This is a continuation of Cross Dressing between the Wars: Selections from London Life 1923-1933. It takes the collection up to October 4th, 1941, when the letter pages were replaced by a Question and Answer column, probably because of the paper shortage which reduced the size and frequency of the magazine.

As before the letters, articles and stories cover all aspects of female impersonation and  male cross dressing, whether voluntary or compulsory. Who wrote the letters? Who are "Brother of the Shadow", "Dominating Catherine", "Ino", "Modiste" ?

It is illustated with drawings and photographs from London Life itself, notably of American students and of the drawings of "Modiste" and her two mannequins, Peter and Audrey, and with fashion plates of Victorian boys in frocks.



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