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 KARN Publications Garston



A selection of Letters from Edwardian Newspapers

Following Men in Petticoats, Borrowed Plumes covers from 1898 to 1912, with letters from The Queen, The Daily Mirror, Modern Society and Photo Bits. Histories are given of each periodical; important new research revealing that of The Queen for the first time. Each history is followed with readers' letters from that periodical, similar in content to those published in Men in Petticoats. The mildly erotic, yet never pornographic, content of much of the correspondence shows that the fascination with cross-dressing - and with the men who cross-dressed - continued (as it still continues!) unabated. Fascinating reading.

To complement the intriguing text, two full colour fashion plates, several contemporary photographs and many fashion drawings from various magazines and catalogues are included; a total of twenty-nine illustrations showing some of the stylish outfits and lavishly-trimmed underclothing the fashionable cross-dresser would have enjoyed wearing at the time the letters were written.

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