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the life of Maurice Pollack 1885-1918 THE LIFE OF MAURICE POLLACK 1885-1918

Peter Farrer discovered the existence of Maurice Pollack through the chance reading of an article in a magazine of 1902. Making contact with Pollack family, and using the family press cuttings and albums, Farrer has built up a picture of Maurice's career as an actor against a background of children's theatricals in Birmingham at the turn of the century. This has been set in the context of his father's birth in Upper Silesia (now in Poland) and emigration to Birmingham, of his mother's previous life in Austria and in the light of what it was possible to discover about Maurice's later life.
Although trained as a boy to be a convincing female impersonator, Maurice did not fall short in the masculine department. He married a pregnant girl at the age of 19 and enlisted in 1916 in the Bedfordshire Yeomanry, dying of wounds in the later stages of the Palestine campaign.

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