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Men in Petticoats MEN IN PETTICOATS
  • He is I fear one of those unfortunate males that wishes he was a female. (p.11)
  • At the age of twelve I was taken away from a day school and brought up with my sisters. (p.13)
  • My mother, on hearing of the part I was to take, insisted on my wearing girl's attire during the evenings.(p.15)
  • After  a while the two youths who had been displaying their dancing powers on the stage sailed into our midst, clothed in full ball costumes any Parisian  belle might have envied. (p.23)
  • About two years ago the brother . . .  determined to embark in the regular life of a fashionable woman. (p.26)
  • The table by the side was laden with every article of feminine underwear of the most diaphanous nature. (p.32)
  • While I have to spend my evenings in an avalanche of lace skirts. (p.33)
  • Every movement of my limbs is followed by the swish of silken garments. (p.34)
  • After a while,  my sister decided that it would be better to complete my outfit, and I was forthwith initiated into a bewildering mass of lace-trimmed undergarments. (p.36)
  • I was just fourteen when this lady . . .  decided . . .  to take me with her disguised as a girl. (p.42)
  • And there they dispoyled hym unto his sherte and put uppon hym a womans garment. (Malory, p.60)
  • We dressed up Chamberlayne in woman's clothes, on purpose to pass for a lady. (Austen, p.99)
  • He remonstrated somewhat more vehemently against the long-riding skirt, which converted his person from the waist into the female guise, but was obliged to concede this point also. (Scott, p.145)
  • Mr Hicks solus abaft, sulking in his petticoats. (Marryat, p.161)
  • Herbert, who much against his will had been ousted from  a share in this division of the work and voted into a leading female part, was chafing under compliments and chaff from old and young. (Swinburne, p.189)
  • Then he dressed himself in one of the old-fashioned gowns and a great pinked-out collar.  (Schreiner, p.223)
  • She summoned her French maid, who quite entered into the sprit of the joke, and in a short time Master Freddy was completely disguised as a very attractive looking girl. (Anon. p.273)
  • I, his eldest son Evelyn, a boy of nearly fifteen, was to go to England as the lady's  protégée under her fond impression that I was a girl! (Boy or Girl? p.323)
  • There are, happily, very few English mothers who would dress up their sons during the holidays in girls' clothes. (p.41)
  • She therefore tried to make me as girlish and effeminate as possible. . . . Indeed when alone, in the evenings, I was sometimes dressed entirely as a girl. (p.57)
  • I can only say that I consider corseting or petticoating boys . . . a grave danger. I am a victim of parental vanity in that direction, having been dressed as a girl until I reached the age of fourteen, and well can I remember the reluctance and regret with which I gave it up, or rather was forced to give it up. (p.66)
  • I suggested to him, for fun, that he should dress himself in my clothes, and see what kind of a girl he could make. . . . He seemed quite pleased and proud when I told him later that he made a splendid girl. (p.72)
  • They were so delighted with my appearance that they insisted on my doing so again and again; and in time it became a custom that I should make a full feminine toilette every afternoon. (p.72)
  • For dancing, your boy could wear one or two silk petticoats of shades to match the tartan of the kilt; also frilled knickers of the same material. (p.77)
  • Many of these boys wore petticoats in the evening, and one or two even dresses and high-heeled shoes. (p.101)
  • I have been present when a mother's threat to attire a lad in his sister's clothes for a week and keep him confined to the house for that time, has resulted in a sudden meekness and softening which has been almost startling. (p.115)
  • "Rustle, Dora!"  she ordered, sharply. "Rustle all you can! I want to hear that tonight!" (p.118)
  • And the kilt itself was of silk and rustled and swished delightfully. The sensation of its contact around me was superfluously delicious - and the cure was complete! (p.132)
  • "Oh, Jane, . . . will you bring down some of Miss ------'s (my eldest sister who was about my size) clothing? Bring frock and all." (p.29)
  • I myself have known cases stated where a well grown boy has been compelled to submit to dress in his sister's clothing either as a punishment or preparatory to being birched, and in all cases I have heard of with the happiest results. (p.41)
  • The young gentleman was then made to don petticoats for the rest of the day, and was given specially in charge to two young ladies, if they were disposed for it, or to my maid. (p.43)
  • But a much severer test of that new born obedience followed, when, instead of being allowed to resume my clothes, I was dressed in the costume of a child of three or four years old - drawers, petticoats, short dress, all beautifully embroidered and ornamented, and when this toilette was completed  I was placed by madam in the kindergarten class. (p.47)
  • And the very next day I took him out with me, and without a moment's warning walked him straight into the corset-makers, and before all the assistants and a lady customer and her two daughters, stated that I had brought him to be fitted with a corset. He blushed crimson, and, I think, would have been glad if he could have concealed himself under a chair from the smiles of the two young ladies just mentioned. (p.78)
  • On my lady friends coming to see me, I have him brought in by the maid, and made to stand on a chair for the general admiration of those present. This he greatly resents, and it caused him to blush deeply. (p.119)
  • As a punishment for which his corsets were laced close, and instead of his jacket he had to wear a white blouse, belonging to one of my sister-in-law's daughters, . . . at the same time being warned that any further misconduct would be met by the substitution of petticoats for his knickers. (p.121)
Confidential Correspondence on Cross Dressing 1911-1915 CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE ON CROSS DRESSING 1911-1915
  • My stepmother, advised by a friend who had been a governess in a French family, resolved to try what the softening influence of girls' clothes would do. (p.20)
  • To dress a boy in the daintiest of girlish clothing in every respect is to inculcate habits of gentleness and tidiness that will never be forgotten; and although the boy may chafe at, or even be ashamed of his silken bondage at first, he soon succumbs to the witchery of frills and flounces, and willingly conforms to the rules and regulations laid down for him. (p.21)
  • After breakfast we went to a large ladies' shop, and with a sinking heart I heard mother ask for some pinafores, and the attendant smiled when told they were for me. Boxes were emptied out, and one chosen, and to my agony fitted on me by the young lady, who declared with giggle, "You look quite nice." (p.29)
  • My eldest boy, aged seventeen, last week delighted an audience in an amateur play acted by the senior students of his school by the splendid way he acted a girl's part. (p.47)
  • I have also been told that it would be well if I could send him away for a holiday for a week or so to some home, preferably where there live no men or boys, where he could be dressed as and live with girls, and this might then change him of his strange ways. (p.48)
  • At first I was inclined to be angry, but May begged of me to forgive him, saying he looked much better  dressed as a girl than as a boy. I gave in and arranged that he could wear a complete set of girls' clothes every Sunday. (p.76)
  • After breakfast my mother called me to her, and in the presence of my sister, who giggled all the time, told me that I was to be punished by being put into petticoats for a month. (p.104)
  • I have just put off all my clothes and donned pink silk stockings and pink satin high-heeled shoes to match; 20-inch corsets made of white silk broche; a white padded camisole; a pretty white embroidered petticoat trimmed with lace; over all this a good well-made black satin dress with slit in the skirt. (p.114)
  • After tea, for the benefit of the ladies, Harold was taken upstairs and dressed entirely as a girl. (p.120)
  • I have always taken the keenest delight in donning the flimsy, smart garments of the female sex. I have been an impersonator of female parts and taken the greatest delight in it. (p.32)
  • I took a great delight in dressing in female attire, so much so that I would await any chance of my mother taking my two sisters out, then dress in the very prettiest of their underclothes and the smartest of their costumes. (p.78)
  • I was  introduced to the party, nearly all gentlemen, as Miss Muriel So-and-So, and no-one even suspected the deception. In the evening I wore a very tight-fitting evening dress (23in. corsets), with silk stockings and high-heeled satin shoes to match , while I made up my eyes, lips, cheeks and hands to further accentuate my femininity. (p.128)
  • The servants were called in . . . , and I then heard my fate, viz.  one month as a maid, and one month in the clothes I was wearing. (p.142)
  • We two boys were together one day, when she told us her resolve. I was not affected, but David was horrified and incredulous when told his days as a boy were over, and life as a girl was to begin. Well he rebelled, of course, but got a severe whipping  as punishment, and when his feminine clothes were ready his own were taken away and the change effected. He fought, sulked, and cried, but to no avail; his mother was like iron in determination. (p.163)
  • I soon found out that his particular annoyance was the inevitable swish of his silken skirts whenever he took a step. That made him feel the deeper humiliation, and consequently we never allowed him to put them off; but compelled him, from early morning until bedtime, to move about in the detested petticoats. (p.197)
  • Gerald, when he saw his reflection, was obviously delighted, and became absolutely girlish in manner at once, no doubt the effect of dainty frills rustling with every movement. (p.256)

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